About PRL Manufacturing Inc.

PRL was founded Nov. 12th 2012 by seasoned industry veterans with decades of experience. The goal was to create a focused company that specializes in producing the highest quality polished rods at the most competitive price. Concentrating our efforts on polished rods specifically, has allowed us to refine our processes to achieve both exceptional product quality and rapid product output. PRL�s manufacturing facility is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, however please note we have partner warehouses not only in Oklahoma, but Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, and Alberta, Canada. (Please see our warehouses page for more details.)

PRL Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility

What is a polished rod?

In an oil pumping station (pumpjack), the Polished Rod is the topmost portion of a string of sucker rods. It is used for lifting fluid by the rod-pumping method. Polished Rods have a uniform diameter and are smoothly polished to seal pressure effectively in the stuffing box attached to the top of the well.

Pumpjack Diagram